AMWC 2021
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AMWC 2021 FB Dermatology Booth

The 19th Aesthetic and Anti-Aging medicine world congress, AMWC 2021

We were very excited to be attending the AMWC 2021 in Monaco together with our principal, FB Dermatology, Italy.

Here we for the first time presented Lumixa – a new addition to the family of Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE) based treatments for Skin normalisation and collagen booster. The great thing about Lumixa is that it can be used with a multitude of different blue LED lights, and still yield fantastic results with the power of FLE stimulation of the skin and cellular structures. A very interesting new addition, that will be suitable in many more clinics and also as before and after treatment for other aesthetic invasive and non-invasive treatments, where the de-stressing and normalisation of the skin can be highly beneficial or where boosting of fibroblastic activity can yield even better results than other treatments can do themselves.

Also showcasing the broad use of Kleresca for Acne treatment, Rosacea treatment and Skin rejuvenation, where we continue to see impressive results with the use of FLE for many different skin conditions and where every year we see more and more new ways to optimize and combine the utilization of FLE in clinical practice, both as stand alone treatment and in combination with many other treatments.

In addition, new development of a modular FLE LED light has been undertaken in collaboration between FB Dermatology, Italy and Wavemed, Italy – A range of products, that we will also have available to our client network – we look forward to be able to introduce these novel solutions to our markets.

We thank all our clients for coming by and look forward to start collaboration with the many visiting us to hear more about our novel technologies – Did you miss us? reach out to have a direct talk about our technologies and what they can do in your clinic: Contacts

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