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SGML 2022 – Smartaging Swiss Academy

Very happy to be attending the SGML 2021, and for our partnership with Dr. Rümmelein and the Smartaging Swiss Academy.  

FLE Technology – The difference is fluorescent

Non-destructive, non-systemic, and painless Kleresca® and Lumixa are currently exploring the use of fluorescent light energy (FLE) technology with a focus on developing more non-invasive treatments for a number of skin conditions. The treatment is based on the interaction between a specially designed gel and a blue LED light activator. Chromophores in the gel convert […]

Kleresca biophotonic treatments for Acne and Rosacea

We are proud to offer the Kleresca treatments – transforming the way skin is treated. Suitable for both inflammatory and aesthetic conditions, the technology effectively destresses, revitalises and restores skin health through Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE). Stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms Effective for inflammatory and aesthetic conditions Destresses and revitalises the skin Non-destructive, non-systemic, […]

AMWC 2021

The 19th Aesthetic and Anti-Aging medicine world congress, AMWC 2021 We were very excited to be attending the AMWC 2021 in Monaco together with our principal, FB Dermatology, Italy. Here we for the first time presented Lumixa – a new addition to the family of Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE) based treatments for Skin normalisation and […]

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