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Product code: SMS0045

CHAC Technology stabilized non-crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid cellbooster/skinbooster for preventing and treating various scalp and hair problems, restoring scalp skin structure and provide hair fiber restructuring.

Brand: Suisselle CELLBOOSTER®

Product Type: Injectable Cellbooster/Skin Booster
Technology: CHAC Technology stabilized hyaluronic acid complexes with aminoacids, vitamins and minerals
Volume: 6 units of 3 mL
MOQ: 1

Hyaluronic Acid Strengthening Complex is produced using patented CHAC Technology. It consists of non-crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid 18mg (6mg/ml) with Amino Acids and Vitamins.

The device is designed for strengthening hair follicles, improving hair growth and microcirculation. It restores scalp skin structure and provides hair fiber restructuring.

The device is a clear, colorless to light yellow, sterile, injectable solution for single use presented in a case of 6 × 3 mL vials

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