Celluma DELUX-XL
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Product code: SMS0044

3-mode Celluma DELUX XL for full-body LED light therapy, treating Acne, Wrinkles, Arthritic pain, Joint pain and stiffness, Muscle tension and spasm

Brand: Celluma

Product Type: Celluma Light Therapy
Technology: 3-mode LED Light Therapy
Volume: 1 unit
MOQ: 1

The Celluma DELUX XL offers full-coverage light therapy with all the benefits of our flagship Celluma PRO in a whole-body design! Now you can enjoy proven, head-to-toe LED therapy with the first ever portable, space-saving, full-body LED device.  The Celluma DELUX XL, which hangs on the back of a door when not in use, offers all the advantages of a light therapy bed without the space requirement or exorbitant price tag.

This powerful rejuvenating 3-mode model is also the only full-body LED device to offer an acne setting. It emits blue, red and near-infrared wavelengths and treats acne, wrinkles, arthritic pain, joint pain and stiffness, muscle tension and spasm. The Celluma DELUX XL may also be used to decrease inflammation and increase micro-circulation to manage numerous pain and skin related conditions.  FDA-cleared.

Weight: 4 kg
Size: 165 cm x 76 cm

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