Celluma ELITE
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Product code: SMS0034

3-mode permanently stand-mounted Celluma ELITE treating Acne, Wrinkles, Pain and Wound Healing

Brand: Celluma

Product Type: Celluma Light Therapy
Technology: 3-mode LED Light Therapy
Volume: 1 unit
MOQ: 1

The Celluma ELITE is permanently stand-mounted on a sturdy rolling base for mobility and offers the same features and specifications as the original Celluma PRO, including most of the flexibility aspects. An articulated and rotating arm provides a wide range of placement options for patients. Celluma ELITE is also ideal for use where clients are using it in a “self-service” type of environment. This Celluma model boasts 3 pre-programmed modes to treat Acne, Wrinkles and Pain conditions (pictured here in the wrinkle/red light setting). 1 pair of protective eye goggles and 1 Power Supply and International Adapter Kit (110 to 240V powered) included.

Celluma ELITE measures 61 cm x 25 cm overall with a treatment area of 41 cm x 20 cm

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