Celluma HOME
Celluma HOME
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Product code: SMS0038

2-mode Celluma HOME treating Wrinkles and Pain

Brand: Celluma

Product Type: Celluma Light Therapy
Technology: 2-mode LED Light Therapy
Volume: 1 unit
MOQ: 1

The Celluma HOME is a 2-mode LED device that addresses specific age-related challenges including wrinkles, arthritic pain, muscle and joint pain, muscle spasm and poor blood circulation. It can be used anywhere on the body including over the face, and delivers the same results as our other Celluma devices but in a compact size, with a compact price

Celluma HOME measures 41 cm x 20 cm overall with a treatment area of 35 cm x 15 cm. Included with purchase are 1 pair of Facial Rests, 1 pair of protective eye goggles and 1 Power Supply and International Adapter Kit (110 to 240V powered).

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