Deep Slim
Deep Slim Bodysculpting
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Product code: SMS0031

Multifocal ultrasound with low mechanical index (MULMI)

Brand: Deep Slim

Product Type: Body Sculpting
Technology: Unique multifocal ultrasound with low mechanical index (MULMI)
Volume: 1 unit
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Deep Slim® is a completely unique ultrasound technology with a therapeutic effect to improve many aesthetic challenges: sagging skin can be tightened up; effectively removes stubborn fat deposits and improves body shape; reduces cellulite / orange peel. In contrast to other technologies such as cryotherapy or HIFU, Deep Slim uses pulsed multifocal ultrasound stimulating the adipose fat cells to release its fat deposits, reverses pathological tissue ageing, slowing down fat-cell fibrosis, but also treat the connective tissue to reactivate collagen production thereby tightening the body structure.

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