Modula IPL
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Product code: SMS0030


Brand: Wavemed

Product Type: Intense Pulsed Light
Technology: IPL
Volume: 1 unit
MOQ: 1

With Modula hair removal and skin treatments becomes more effective and painless: the dual cooling technology maximizes product perfor­mance, and of course the comfort of the client. The efficiency of the water system replaces the obsolete air system, thus allowing the achievement of higher energy values (35 J/cm2) and acting more decisively on hair or skin spots. The SCS Skin Cooling System operates on contact cooling the skin and preventing discomfort and redness. Client safety always comes first. Wavemed designed the FCC Filter Check Control, a device that terminates the treatment if the filter is not inserted thereby avoiding accidents and damage to the skin. Also featuring the automatic skin type detection system suggesting the optimal settings for the skin type being treated.

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