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As our partner, you stand as strong as possible in a world where innovation is constantly increasing, and choice of novel technologies is intensifying.

SkinMed Solutions secure the right technologies are offered in dermatological, medical aesthetic and cosmetic clinics. We distribute medical devices and cosmetic products through a network of retail clinics, agents and distributors focusing on Northern and Eastern Europe.

We have an individualised approach to our partners and always go straight to the heart of the matter and have the courage to say things straight. Because only by understanding, overseeing and seeing through your opportunities and challenges can we translate them into clear answers.

Rapid expansion is part of our history…
SkinMed Solutions was founded, building on our vast experience in skin, FLE treatments and interaction with private clinics
Scientific breakthrough allow new treatments
Lactobio discover new strain of probiotic bacteria that stops acne bacteria, paving the way to the BAK Probiotic skincare line
Forging partnerships to yield synergies
Wavemed Modula FLE was launched as part of a collaboration with FB Dermatology for Kleresca and Lumixa
FB Dermatology expands the FLE family
Lumixa was launched for Skin Normalisation and Collagen Boosting
When physics meets medicine
Nobel Price of Medicine awarded to Niels Finsen, Denmark for the use of light therapy - a new path in medicine is paved to further the understanding of physical modulation of the skin and tissue
And even space travels are required
NASA discovers that blue LED light can activate porphyrin in C. acnes (formerly P. acnes) - a new commercial focus on blue LED light based treatments is formed
LED and phototherapy as recognized treatments
First energy based devices emerge in the field of medical and aesthetic treatments
New class of modular devices see light
Wavemed was founded to establish a groundbreaking modular system, vastly reducing the size of and space needed for equipment - and cutting cost of modular upgrading
A pursue towards new medical treatments yielded a new brand
Kleresca was first launched in Europe by LEO pharma, later established as a separate business now managed by FB Dermatology

Our journey started with the pursue to find novel solutions to treat Acne – one of the more complex challenges when improving skin. A pursue that led us to identify FLE technology as a new frontier, on which the Kleresca brand was established. It became the kickstart to both understand the impact that FLE technology can have on other indications, both in Rosacea and for aesthetic purposes. But even the best technologies cannot stand alone, and with a strong background in skin science and cosmetic technology understanding, in 2020 we established SkinMed Solutions to focus on a more holistic approach on how we can provide ultimate care to patients through FLE, novel energy-based technologies as well as focusing on the intricate balance of the skin microbiome through probiotics and internal metabolic optimization through nutraceuticals.


Our focus is customer satisfaction, training and promotion of novel technologies. We interact closely with our clients by conducting technology and practice training, sharing knowledge about novel technologies, understanding the interaction between technologies and the body within medical aesthetic and dermatological conditions and other treatment options.
By combining high professionalism, holistic approach and critical thinking, we bring to our customers new opportunities and secure the right technologies to achieving the highest patient satisfaction. Together with our partners, we are at the forefront of development, partly because we are not afraid to ask questions and challenge.


We are located in Copenhagen, Denmark – Scandinavian aesthetic and medical capital but also a well-developed business hub. This makes us flexible when it comes to conferences, business travels and hosting events.


Scouting for new technologies has been a long standing passion of our founder, Mikkel Schoedt. Having been involved in fields ranging from diabetes, over vascular technologies to wound care and advanced medical devices, the focus became the skin – the largest organ of our bodies. An extremely complex structure, often misinterpreted and yet with so many opportunities to impact it. In pursue of truly making an impact, we have scouted for the most innovative technologies that we are proud to present to you.

Presence in Europe

We have a wide network of clinics, hospitals and agents delivering our solutions all over Europe and beyond.

Our Outreach

We work with partners and agents across many countries

Partnering with us

We are always looking for novel scientifically based and clinically documented technologies supporting a synergistic and holistic approach to treatment of our skin. We focus on both medical and aesthetic treatments primarily focused on the private medical, aesthetic and cosmetic markets.

SkinMed Solutions
Gammel Holtevej 94A,
Holte 2840
Capital Region, Denmark

Tlf. +45 22 11 21 68
VAT number DK-37001856

You can call us all business days between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.
You can also leave a message here and we will answer you at first opportunity

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